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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is exercise that trains your muscles to do everyday activities safely and efficiently. These exercises simulate common movements you do daily while often using the upper body, lower body and core at the same time. This kind of work makes you stronger in everything you do while reducing your risk of injury. And good news, little to no equipment is needed so it’s great for home workouts!


Lifestyle Coaching

The first step in lifestyle coaching is to get to know one another. I take the time to really listen to my client’s needs, exercise history, life experiences, and health history, then formulate realistic wellness goals that fit their life. With goals in place, its time to get busy! In addition to our personalized one-on-one sessions I can include tips for meal planning, stress reduction, and work-life balance. By teaching good self-care practices and working with the client’s strengths and abilities, we can really achieve anything! And of course, I will provide just the right amount of accountability to achieve those goals!


Core Strength and Balance Training

Core strength and balance training are the dynamic duo you need in your fitness routine! The deep muscles of the core provide stabilization for the spine which improves posture and creates support in all movements. Core training can prevent injury and improve balance and strength not only in exercise movements but activities of daily living. Balance exercises go hand in hand with core exercises in preventing injury and increasing stability. Balance training is a key component in any exercise program not just for older adults but people of all ages. 



Water Therapy

Any water lover knows how good it feels to move in the water! That’s because exercising in the water has many benefits such as injury rehabilitation, alleviating pressure on the joints, reducing blood pressure, lowering body temperature, and decreasing heart rate. All this while providing significant gains in endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility, without the impact of traditional land exercise. If that sounds like something you would like to try, let me work one-on-one with you in the pool and I will show you how good you can feel!​

Personal training sessions are available as private, semi-private or groups.  See personal training fees here.

“Before working with Stephanie, I had avoided strength training due to various pains and what I thought were body limitations. But through her encouragement and knowledge, she has grown my confidence, drastically reduced my pain and allowed me to become stronger and increase my physical fitness. Highly recommend.”

- Tia B.​

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